Terms of Use

These Terms of Use reflect the way Google works, the laws that relate to our business and certain things that we have always believed to be valid. Therefore these Terms of Service help explain the relationship Google has with you when engaging with our services. These words, for instance, include the following topic headings:
What you should expect from us, which explains how our services are delivered and built.
What we expect of you that lays down those guidelines for the use of our services.
Content from Google Services describing the intellectual property rights of the information you find in our services, whether that content belongs to you, Google or others.

Age requirements:
If you are under the age necessary to manage your own Google Account, you must have permission from your parent or legal guardian to use a Google Account.
Please have your parent or legal guardian read out these words for you.
If you are a parent or legal guardian and authorize the services to be used by your child, then these words apply to you and you are responsible for the service operation of your child.

What you can expect from us:

We offer a wide variety of services to which these words refer, including: 

  • apps and sites  
  • platforms  
  • integrated services  
  • devices 

Our programmed are designed to work together, making going from one operation to the next simpler for you. For example, for an appointment that appears in your Google Calendar, Maps will remind you to leave.

Permission to use your content:
Some of our services are built to allow your content to be uploaded, submitted, stored, sent, received, or shared. You have no obligation to provide our services with any material, and you are free to choose the material you wish to provide. Please make sure that you have the requisite rights to do so if you want to upload or distribute material, and that the material is legal.

What’s covered:
When the content is protected by intellectual property rights, this licence protects your content.

What’s not covered:
This licence does not affect your privacy rights-it affects your intellectual property rights only.
This licence does not protect such content categories as:

  • The accurate information you provide is publicly accessible, such as corrections to a local business address. 
  • That information does not need a licence since everybody ‘s free to use it is considered common knowledge.
  • Feedback you’re offering, like suggestions to improve our services. In the Service-related correspondence segment below, feedback is protected.

This license is:

  • Which means that it is valid anywhere in the world, 
  • Non-exclusive, meaning you can licence the material to others.
  • Royalty-free, which means that this licence has no fees.